Another Slight Dip in the Price of Gold

Although many investors see gold as a more solid investment than currencies, (which are more likely to feel the effects of economic troubles) gold is not bulletproof.

Recently the price of gold has softened slightly due to three factors:

The strengthening of the US dollar, slower than expected economic growth in China and a potential decline in gold demand in India.

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Feng Shui Experts Predict a Fall in the Gold Price

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There are many factors that are affecting the gold price.  While the price of gold was once scaling the heights US$2000 per troy ounce, it is now hovering between US$1500 and US$1700 per troy ounce of gold.

The US dollar, the Eurozone crisis and the demand for gold in huge economies such as India and China all has an affect on the price of gold.

But now, according to Feng Shui experts, the Chinese Year of the Dragon is destined to affect the price of gold as well.

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