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Selling Gold

EzyCash Gold Buyers in Panmure, Auckland has always put a high value on discretion when it comes to selling gold and selling silver.  Whether it’s broken gold or silver, unwanted gold jewellery and silver jewellery or scrap gold and silver, they want to make sure that their clients feel they’re in trustworthy hands when selling their gold and selling their silver.

This is why they have a discreet selling room in the Panmure store where your transaction can take place in private.

But now they’re going even further to offer you the best in service – EzyCash Gold Buyers is going mobile. Continue reading

Gold Coins in the Sea and Gold Coins in the Roof

EzyCash Gold Buyers in Panmure, Auckland– we buy gold for a top cash price.  And we give you great suggestions on how to find gold.


In a previous blog, we recommended combing the ocean depths for gold in sunken ships.

We even referenced the case of an American salvage firm going up against the Spanish government over the ownership of

gold found amongst a shipwreck off the Portugese coast.  Since writing that blog, the Spanish have won the argument and 17 tonnes of gold and silver (including 594,000 gold coins) recently arrived in Madrid aboard two military planes.

Will it be enough gold to solve the Spanish debt crisis?

Perhaps not, but it’s a substantial gold windfall nonetheless. Continue reading

Another Slight Dip in the Price of Gold

Although many investors see gold as a more solid investment than currencies, (which are more likely to feel the effects of economic troubles) gold is not bulletproof.

Recently the price of gold has softened slightly due to three factors:

The strengthening of the US dollar, slower than expected economic growth in China and a potential decline in gold demand in India.

EzyCash Gold Buyers keeps a close eye on the price of gold so they can give you a top cash price for your unwanted gold.  Bring in broken gold, scrap gold, gold jewellery and more to their store in Panmure, Auckland.  With their knowledge of the price of gold and the gold market, they can give you an expert valuation on your gold and a top cash price. Continue reading

Sell your silver and help the planet

EzyCash Gold Buyers will give you a top cash price for silver jewellery, broken silver, scrap silver, silver bullion and more – simply bring your unwanted silver into their store in Panmure, Auckland for an expert valuation and sell your silver.

Not only is silver used extensively in jewellery but silver is also commonplace in domestic appliances.  And the already

high demand for silver could continue to rise with silver’s use in green technologies.  As the world becomes more aware of the negative effects of climate change, people look for more ways to become more environmentally friendly.

And this is possible in several ways thanks to silver.

So you never know, after selling your silver to EzyCash Gold Buyers, somewhere down the line your silver may be used to help save the planet using one of these technologies:

Silver in solar energy

Solar energy has become a big player in the energy market as it’s cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Continue reading

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