Feng Shui Experts Predict a Fall in the Gold Price

EzyCash Gold Buyers is always keeping an eye on the price of gold, so that when you bring in your scrap gold and unwanted gold jewellery for an expert valuation, they can give you a top cash price for your gold.

There are many factors that are affecting the gold price.  While the price of gold was once scaling the heights US$2000 per troy ounce, it is now hovering between US$1500 and US$1700 per troy ounce of gold.

The US dollar, the Eurozone crisis and the demand for gold in huge economies such as India and China all has an affect on the price of gold.

But now, according to Feng Shui experts, the Chinese Year of the Dragon is destined to affect the price of gold as well.

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China.  The belief is that the land contains energy and the quality of that energy can ‘make or break a kingdom’, or so to speak.

The Straits Times in Singapore interviewed experts about the influence the Year of the Dragon would have on business around the world and the gold price specifically.

The experts said that not only is this the Year of the Dragon but that the particular breed of dragon that will be ruling over us is the Black Water variety.  And that means trouble, especially for the price of gold.

Water will be the dominant element this year and will overwhelm the earth element, which represents a bad year for industries represented by earth.

This includes property, construction and insurance as well as mining and precious metals.  So the price of gold is destined to fall in 2012.

But if the financial year is looking volatile, fear not, as you can use the power of Feng Shui to combat it.  One website is selling Feng Shui gold bars – a symbol of wealth that will activate wealthy energy.

The gold bars have the dragon image carved into them and have ‘PURE GOLD’ and ‘999’ engraved on the top.

However we wouldn’t recommend bringing the gold bar into EzyCash Gold Buyers in Panmure, Auckland for an evaluation – the ‘gold bars’ are actually 100% copper and are gold dyed.

So to attract wealth instantly, bring your real gold (broken gold, scrap gold, unwanted gold) into Ezy Cash Gold Buyers and receive a top cash price.

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