Things to Look for Before Selling your Old Gold for Cash in Auckland

When it’s time to sell your old gold, be sure you get the best value

While the old saying about ‘as good as gold’ still holds true, there are times when a bit of cash can help us through a tough time or an emergency. Fortunately today there is a simple and easy way to sell your old gold which may have been lying around the house for years together without having seen the light of the day.

So, if you are planning on selling your gold Jewellery in Auckland then you need to understand some of the essential aspects of its sale.

Gold-Authenticity Assessment

For years now, gold Buyers have been using the age-old technique of acid testing and destructive methods to check its authenticity and purity. However, what many of us do not know and understand is that there is a better and more accurate method using X-ray XRF technology that can assess gold the scientific way. These machines, although employed by a few, can get us the right value for the gold, by ensuring its correct purity value. Apart from giving the right purity value, these machines will not cause any damage to the gold under assessment.

Licensed Seller for Authenticity

Looking for professional and licensed gold Buyer to sell your gold too will make the whole affair easier to handle. This can also fetch you a better price than going to smaller and private non licensed dealer in the market.

Another fact that always makes us think twice about selling our Gold, Silver, Platinum and palladium Jewellery is the thought of having to approach a complete stranger, the team at EzyCash Gold Buyers and Loans have many years of experience, they will always strive to give the best prices and advice when presented with your items for sale and your privacy and security is of the utmost importance to them.

Best Pricing and Privacy

Sometimes, selling old gold can be painful, items can sometimes be sentimental and have memories attached to them. Also, we come up with a lot of doubts in mind about how the assessment is done or how much value a particular piece of Jewellery can fetch.

Things like selling it openly in front of a shop full of people may not be quite comfortable for many. That is why it is better to search for a Gold buyer who can offer you privacy when you are selling your precious possession.

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