Selling Precious Jewellery for Cash in Auckland – Is it Worth the Value?

Are you planning to sell your jewellery for cash in Auckland? Do you think you can get the best value for money?

Sell your old jewelry for cash
Sell your old jewelry for cash

Even though old, jewellery made from precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum can fetch good money, if you know where and how to sell. The modern day Gold Buyer has several scientifically proven methods to assess the value of these precious metals before determining the price.

EzyCash Gold Buyers Panmure are licensed and authorized dealers who have permission to accept old, precious items, and assess their value before giving cash in return. You can either walk into their shop or just call them to get details about the way the assessments are done to determine the price for any item you wish to sell.

They accept all and any gold and silver jewellery, platinum, palladium and diamonds (½ carat or bigger of Good Quality) , New & used watches (Rolex, Omega, IWC, Breitling etc…), Gold coins, Bullion can fetch a good amount when sold to them.

The assessment for the value of precious metals, their purity and other such concerns are addressed individually, at their premises. With an X-ray machine to scan and test the purity and value, it is easier for them to establish the right amount for any item. The discretion of sale and privacy is not a concern as the sale is done at their office / store away from the prying eyes.

So, if you are in the process of selling jewellery or contemplating it, call up or consult one of them to know more about how they work. This will not only clear the doubts that might crop up about selling your old gold, but also will get you a good value for your precious possessions.

However, ensure that you have the right partner and a licensed dealer to sell your gold jewellery in Auckland. This fact can be easily assessed by looking at their certifications.

EzyCash Panmure are Licensed Gold Buyers and are open 7 days and with 20 years’ experience are always Happy to view your items for sale in store for a Quick, Professional Assessment and Price Quotation.

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