Need Urgent Cash? Sell Your Old Jewellery

The act of selling gold and jewellery or using it as collateral to secure a loan has become less popular in recent years. In our modern society, individuals often seek out large finance & lending companies without first exploring the benefits of pawnbroking.
Pawnbrokers can be of great help in times of financial crisis. For instance, you may need urgent funding for health treatments or other Urgent situations. Pawnbrokers will allow you to trade in your old or unused jewellery for those emergency funds.

What are pawnbrokers?
A pawnbroker is a business or individual that can provide you with a temporary secured loan. You can choose to sell your jewellery directly to a pawnbroker or apply for a secured loan where a valuable item(s) or piece of jewellery is held by the pawnbroker in exchange for funds as a form of insurance. If you fail to repayment within the agreed amount of time, the broker is entitled to auction or sell your item.

The process of applying for a secured loan or pawning your jewellery is very straightforward. Here are a some of the benefits of using a pawnbroker.

No Credit Check Required
A pawnbroker service does not perform any kind of credit or financial background checks when securing a loan. The broker is receiving tangible assets and property in exchange for the funds it provides you.
Getting Your Jewellery Back
You are eligible to ask for your jewellery back and can negotiate these terms with your pawnbroker service. If you are short of funds for a particular event or purpose, you may be able to get fast and easy cash. In this case, you will need to pay a fee on the amount that has been loaned to you.
Selling your Used Jewellery
You may be wearing your diamond, gold or silver jewellery for quite some time and may now be bored with it. A pawnbroker can provide the necessary money and you can sell your used jewellery directly to the company.
Face Every Emergency with Confidence
Whether you need funds for that next big holiday, or just wish to provide your family with the best possible medical treatment, selling your old jewellery is definitely a great alternative. Pawnbrokers are a great source of funding in a short amount of time.
EzyCash Pawnbrokers are available 7 days, they operate through their retail store where you can arrive with your jewellery and exchange it for instant cash with the terms and conditions that best suit you. The flexibility of pawnbrokers and the great customer service they provide will make your experience a quick, easy & professional one with down to earth advice and experience.

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