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We sold some gold to you today but can’t put a review on as we do not have Facebook. If you wish you can transfer the following to your reviews. ‘Sold some gold today. The owner was most approachable, very friendly , and best of all, gave us a great price, much better than our local jeweller. We also learned a lot about bullion, gold prices and the state of overseas markets which affect gold prices. We will definitely return and recommend this firm to our friends.’

The guy I talked to at EzyCash was very on to it. He said it was easiest if I came down and used their X-ray machine. He made the process sound super easy, fool proof, and inviting. He explained where they were and also gave fool proof directions. This made me feel better about driving over there. He did inquire as to where I lived, which was nice of him. Next I asked him about some estimates of price so I knew before driving over there. I mentioned I had called some of the other competitors. He asked for me to give the lowest prices on each. I gave these and he said he could beat all of them. I gave him my highest price on 22ct ($36) which surprised him but after he asked who it was from, he said if I brought in a written quote from the company, he could match it or better the offer. – Roger

I had a most enjoyable chat with a highly experienced and knowledgeable man at Ezycash Gold Buyers. I called Ezycash Gold Buyers as I have some jewellery I’ve been sitting on for some time now that I never wear. I have 14 rings all at 9 carats, and 8 bangles. 5 of which are 14 carat, but I don’t know what the others are. Not only did he promise to beat the prices of his competitors, with 9 carat at $13.50, 14 at over $20 and 18 at $27 but he informed me a lot on the gold industry and the fact that if I wanted to be strategic I could. Seeing as it’s a commodity prices fluctuate all the time so he was most helpful in letting me know how to orchestrate getting the most return. He told me most of the items they consider resell-able will get a higher price and their weighing takes into account any gems or stones which ultimately means I come out with a grin! Highly flexible hours and availability was a bonus too as I would need to be coming in the weekends. I’ll definitely be returning if I ever have anything else to sell, Thanks Ezycash! – Adam

I Called Ezycash Gold buyers to get a quote on some of my Nana’s old Jewelry items which she was curious to see what she could get for. I explained what items I had and was assured that it didn’t matter that one of the items was broken, because they melt it all down anyway! I was told it would be best to bring it the items rather than over the phone – which is fair. The man that I was talking to said he could give me an estimate value of Karrat per gram. He mentioned that I could come in at anytime, that there is no obligation and that they would give me cash for my items, rather than waiting for online payments/cheques to clear, which was ideal.He gave me the information I needed, but said it was crucial to have an accurate weight of these products before trying to figure out their worth. – Jeremy

I was looking to sell some broken gold jewellery that I had been given by a family member and wasn’t quite sure where to sell it or if I could sell anything broken. I looked up selling gold online and came across a few websites and started to ring around for some quotes. The first place wasn’t very helpful as I was told I could not get a quote over the phone and would have to go in to get a price, so then I rang another place which was helpful and gave me an estimate but said they only do bank transfers and I was hoping to get cash. I rang ezycash gold buyer and I was very impressed with the friendly and helpful service and the prices I was offered were so much better than the other place. I was quoted the same price on one item but on another piece of gold jewellery I was quoted $120 and ezycash gave me a quote of $165! They said they were happy to beat any price anywhere else and that they do cash only which was great! They said if I wanted to come in and have the gold weighed in store and priced it would be free of charge and if I wasn’t interested that would be ok. Overall I was very happy with this service and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get rid of any old gold jewellery for a great cash price. – Mildred

The service was excellent with great value for goods. I would recommend here anytime. Great doing business with you!
— Jun

Friendly, accomodating and helpful!
— Cesar

Very kind & helpful. Awesome. Great bunch of guys. Friendly, my favourite place to come and sell!
— Sue

Friendly service, very helpful and smiley, will always come back here!!!
— Tere

Awesome trade. Thanks for the speedy delivery!!!
– sixfoot3

Thank you for the great trade very happy highly recommend this trader AAA++++
– sparkles4meplz

WOW!!Quick fast delivery. Totally recommend to all. A+++++++
– girly41

Good team, buy from them.
– slam

A+++ good trade, thanks.
– kaptan28

Good trade no problems recommend to all.
– westyyy

Great trader recommend A+
– 24011

Watch as described, would trade again. AA++
– pandora12

Straight up trader. Shipped promptly. Would recommend.
– trub

Excellent trader, great communication, would highly recommend to all. AA+++
– cutesy29

A+ seller recommend to all traders
– zodiak0

Great trade, great communication, very quick delivery, very happy.
– arkym

Good Trade. In great condition except string carrier missing so hopefully can get a new one.
– karlos_mantoyer

The transaction was correct was processed without problems everything is good thanks to a good deal. I am satisfied.
– miro22

Fast service A+++++++. thanks.
– molly

Great trader! Excellent service, very friendly!
– parau2

Excellent trader. A+++ Recommend to all.
– lukeburton

Sweet trade. Thanks very much looking forward to trading again.
– uk2006

Great trade cheers and recommend to everyone!
– althia49

Awesome trader… highly recommend =)
– onzie

Thank you for an excellent trade.
– burntblack

Great Trade +++++ very happy will trade again Thanks :-)
– woodyz09

Goods as described. Great trade.
– chavonnes

Great seller extremely helpful would happily trade again. Thanks heaps!
– aleshia1

Excellent Trader, Fast Contact, great communication, and overall AAA +++ Cheers :)
– mystahz

EZYCASH provides their own warranty! Great!!!!
– wilbert2

Thank you very much for the trade :) Was nice to have a deal with :) Highly recommended !!! AAA +++
– karamelka

A pleasure to trade with. Would highly recommend to all!
– katipie1

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