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Gold Purity Testing Machine EzyCash Gold BuyersWith the dynamic price of gold and fluctuating gold markets you can’t afford to risk receiving potentially misinformed or inaccurate valuations for your gold jewellery.

EzyCash Gold Buyers now offers extremely accurate gold quality testing with the use of our new X-ray gold testing machine. This gold testing machine allows us to provide accurate readings on the quality of gold jewellery, gold pieces, coins and other gold plated items through non-destructive X-ray technology. This eliminates the need for messy, dangerous acid testing and ensures that your pieces of gold jewellery do not need to be damaged in order to determine their quality.

Gold Purity Testing Machine EzyCash Gold Buyers

Because the expense of purchasing the X-ray machine is often prohibitive, other gold valuers and gold traders use the traditional method of acid testing to provide a reading – however, the results are not necessarily accurate, meaning you may not receive the best price for your jewellery, and worse still, you are potentially left with a damaged piece of gold jewellery if you choose not to sell the item. This method of gold quality testing can be particularly damaging to gold plated items as it can remove the layer of plating, affecting its appearance and its value.

Gold Purity Testing Machine EzyCash Gold Buyers

Receiving a gold valuation with EzyCash Gold Buyers’ X-ray machine is completely free. It is a quick and easy process – simply bring in your gold jewellery or gold pieces for testing and we’ll test the gold quality on the spot. The readings provided by the gold testing machine allow us to provide you with the best price for your gold jewellery as we can know the exact quality of the gold.

EzyCash Gold Buyers has a long-standing reputation for friendly service, straightforward advice and knowledgeable expertise when it comes to valuations for your gold jewellery and luxury watches. With our new X-ray gold quality testing machine you are guaranteed the best price for your gold jewellery with completely fair and accurate valuations. Bring in your gold jewellery and gold pieces today for a quick and easy valuation.

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