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Take advantage of the high silver price and sell silver to EzyCash Gold Buyers to receive cash instantly. There are many different types of silver that we will accept – if you have silver in these forms we will give you cash for silver.

Here at Ezycash Gold Buyers not only do we buy Gold but we also buy a wide range of silver, silver bullion and sterling silver and even old scrap, broken and unwanted silver jewellery.

With silver at record high prices your old silver scrap or silver bullion can be worth a lot of money, why not give us a call today and get a instant cash price quote.

Phone Nick or Joe on 09 570 1511. Call today!!

Sell Silver Bullion

Sell Silver Bullion

Struck from pure silver .999 and usually in 1kg or half kilo denominations these bullion bars will be stamped with the makers mark, assay quality and weight amount.
Silver is in short supply world wide and the price has never been better, why not cash yours up today.

Sell Silver Credit Suisse Pamp IngotsSilver Credit Suisse Pamp Ingots

Probably the best looking and most popular silver ingots on the market today. These are world renowned and a great thing to behold. Made from pure silver (.999) they can come in many different weight denominations.

Sell Old New Zealand Silver Coins

Old New Zealand Silver Coins

Old coins are in high demand, containing 50% pure silver, these old coins can be a hidden source of wealth, we are interested in all old coins including:

  • New Zealand Coins Pre 1947
  • American Conis Pre 1965
  • British Coins Pre 1947
  • Australian Coins Pre 1964
Sell Silver Bullion Coins

Sell Scrap Silver Jewellery

We will buy and specialize in any and all old broken or unwanted sterling silver jewellery, this includes rings, chains, earrings, brooches, anything silver or sterling silver we will pay top cash prices for it.

Sell Silver Service Ware

Silver Service Ware

Silver Service Ware – Silver prices are at their height, cash in your old English silver ware – cutlery, knives, forks, teapots, vases

Hallmark Identifcation Guide
Sell Silver Bullion 1oz Coins

Silver Bullion 1oz Coins

Usually the most popular way of buying and selling silver is in a 1oz bullion coin. These come in many different minted coins but are always made from .999 fine silver and are always 1 troy ounce.

We will buy and pay cash for:

  • NZ Silver Fern
  • Canadian Silver Maple
  • American Silver Eagle
  • American Silver Buffalo
  • Australian Silver Koala
  • Australian Silver Kookaburra

Sell Silver at EzyCash Gold Buyers

To sell silver jewellery, silver bullion, silver coins, silver ingots and all other types of silver, visit EzyCash (a subsidiary of EzyCash Gold Buyers). EzyCash will give you an expert in-store valuation.

EzyCash will buy silver at a top cash price. The current price of silver is very high so it is an excellent time to sell your silver.

What is driving up the silver price?

The price of silver has rarely been this high. This is partly because the supply of silver around the world is becoming less and less. The silver price has been on a steady rise from $5 per troy ounce* of silver back in 2002, to over $30 per troy ounce of silver today.

(* a troy ounce is a unit of measure used for precious metals such as silver. One troy is one twelfth of a troy pound, while a normal ounce is one sixteenth of a normal pound).

There is also significant demand for silver in industry (eg. for use within home appliances) and in most cases the silver cannot be recovered and re-used. This in turn increases pressure on the silver supply and drives up the silver price.

Selling your silver

But EzyCash doesn’t want you to take apart your home appliances in order to find silver – we are looking for broken or unwanted silver jewellery like silver rings, silver chains, silver earrings and silver brooches.

If you have anything silver or sterling silver, EzyCash will pay a top cash price for your silver. Bring in your silver for an in-store valuation at our shop in Panmure, Auckland.

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