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Selling Precious Jewellery for Cash in Auckland – Is it Worth the Value?

Are you planning to sell your jewellery for cash in Auckland? Do you think you can get the best value for money?

Sell your old jewelry for cash
Sell your old jewelry for cash

Even though old, jewellery made from precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum can fetch good money, if you know where and how to sell. The modern day Gold Buyer has several scientifically proven methods to assess the value of these precious metals before determining the price.

EzyCash Gold Buyers Panmure are licensed and authorized dealers who have permission to accept old, precious items, and assess their value before giving cash in return. You can either walk into their shop or just call them to get details about the way the assessments are done to determine the price for any item you wish to sell.

They accept all and any gold and silver jewellery, platinum, palladium and diamonds (½ carat or bigger of Good Quality) , New & used watches (Rolex, Omega, IWC, Breitling etc…), Gold coins, Bullion can fetch a good amount when sold to them.

The assessment for the value of precious metals, their purity and other such concerns are addressed individually, at their premises. With an X-ray machine to scan and test the purity and value, it is easier for them to establish the right amount for any item. The discretion of sale and privacy is not a concern as the sale is done at their office / store away from the prying eyes.

So, if you are in the process of selling jewellery or contemplating it, call up or consult one of them to know more about how they work. This will not only clear the doubts that might crop up about selling your old gold, but also will get you a good value for your precious possessions.

However, ensure that you have the right partner and a licensed dealer to sell your gold jewellery in Auckland. This fact can be easily assessed by looking at their certifications.

EzyCash Panmure are Licensed Gold Buyers and are open 7 days and with 20 years’ experience are always Happy to view your items for sale in store for a Quick, Professional Assessment and Price Quotation.

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Need Urgent Cash? Sell Your Old Jewellery

The act of selling gold and jewellery or using it as collateral to secure a loan has become less popular in recent years. In our modern society, individuals often seek out large finance & lending companies without first exploring the benefits of pawnbroking.
Pawnbrokers can be of great help in times of financial crisis. For instance, you may need urgent funding for health treatments or other Urgent situations. Pawnbrokers will allow you to trade in your old or unused jewellery for those emergency funds.

What are pawnbrokers?
A pawnbroker is a business or individual that can provide you with a temporary secured loan. You can choose to sell your jewellery directly to a pawnbroker or apply for a secured loan where a valuable item(s) or piece of jewellery is held by the pawnbroker in exchange for funds as a form of insurance. If you fail to repayment within the agreed amount of time, the broker is entitled to auction or sell your item.

The process of applying for a secured loan or pawning your jewellery is very straightforward. Here are a some of the benefits of using a pawnbroker.

No Credit Check Required
A pawnbroker service does not perform any kind of credit or financial background checks when securing a loan. The broker is receiving tangible assets and property in exchange for the funds it provides you.
Getting Your Jewellery Back
You are eligible to ask for your jewellery back and can negotiate these terms with your pawnbroker service. If you are short of funds for a particular event or purpose, you may be able to get fast and easy cash. In this case, you will need to pay a fee on the amount that has been loaned to you.
Selling your Used Jewellery
You may be wearing your diamond, gold or silver jewellery for quite some time and may now be bored with it. A pawnbroker can provide the necessary money and you can sell your used jewellery directly to the company.
Face Every Emergency with Confidence
Whether you need funds for that next big holiday, or just wish to provide your family with the best possible medical treatment, selling your old jewellery is definitely a great alternative. Pawnbrokers are a great source of funding in a short amount of time.
EzyCash Pawnbrokers are available 7 days, they operate through their retail store where you can arrive with your jewellery and exchange it for instant cash with the terms and conditions that best suit you. The flexibility of pawnbrokers and the great customer service they provide will make your experience a quick, easy & professional one with down to earth advice and experience.

Now Your Age-Old Gold Jewellery Can Help You Buy Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Our family members and friends are very important in our lives as they are a constant source of joy and happiness and are also our trusted friends in bad times and times of crisis. We can show our feelings and love through gifts that we present them on different occasions like Birthdays and or at Christmas. But sometimes we can all suffer a shortage of cash, fortunately there is a very easy option available to generate more cash whenever we wish to present our friends and family members valuable gifts of appreciation.
Selling old gold jewellery for cash
Price of gold has risen sharply over the past few years, while gold has always been one of the most prized possessions throughout the ages. But as old and unused gold jewellery may not appeal to you any further, you may use it for getting cash instantly. EzyCash Gold Buyers located in Panmure Auckland can & will Buy your old Gold Jewellery, with 20 years of experience and knowledge they have helped thousands of customers over the years reach their goals.
Best value for your old gold jewellery
EzyCash Gold Buyers are a long standing company providing the highest value for your old and used gold jewellery. Gold already has a good market value and old jewellery may bring you a very good return, much more than what you anticipate, many people can be pleasantly surprised with the value of their old and unwanted Gold items.
Sell scrap gold
Your old gold jewellery may also be broken and may lose its original shape, size and charm. This unusable product cannot be used or worn anymore; however, you can sell the scrap gold and the broken jewellery and get the market price for this gold in Instant Cash.
On spot evaluation
EzyCash Gold Buyers are located in Panmure Auckland, our in-store specialists will carry out an on the spot evaluation on the price of your gold jewellery and provide you instant cash for it. Hence there is no waste of time and you can immediately exchange the cash for precious gifts.
Show how much you care for the happiness of your spouse, friends or family members and sell the unusable jewellery to bring them happiness in the form of gifts and items they really want.

Are You Financially Stretched? Sell Your Old Jewellery!

The selling of gold for cash is quite common throughout the world. While earlier it was considered a social stigma, but better education and modernisation of societies have made people see the more practical aspects of selling old gold and diamond jewellery. Furthermore, there were only a few options available when someone wished to sell his /her gold possessions. Fortunately, things have changed and the internet can now help you to get the right kind of service & price.

Financial Uncertainty and Selling of Jewellery

While we all plan our life and financial expenditures, accidents and unexpected incidents happen in many different areas and we are never prepared for them. For instance, an accident may require you to arrange a large amount of cash urgently. A disease or illness may also make you incur unpredictable financial expenditures. You may also suffer in your business and may need some extra funds to sustain it for the time being. While it is not possible to list all the unpredictable financial situations here, we are all quite aware on how often we are financially stretched. Selling of gold jewellery is one of the most convenient and easy ways to get cash in times of financial uncertainty.

Legal Aspects

Selling of old jewellery including gold, diamond, and silver jewellery is entirely legal and you do not need to have any government permit for doing so. It is as simple as going to a pawnbroker and exchanging your old jewellery for cash, but not all pawnbrokers are made equal. EzyCash Gold Buyers will offer you the current market value of your Old Gold Jewellery, Ingots, Coins and broken scrap Jewellery.

Easy Availability

All you need to do is present your items in store for a No obligation Quote. EzyCash Gold Buyers are always happy to see you and offer an up to date pricing on your valuable Gold items.
Call our experienced staff anytime on 09 570 1511.

Christmas Coming Up and You Need A Few Extra Dollars

Christmas is the most important holiday throughout the western world and for many other people as well. Even after our exhausting schedules, we find time to celebrate Christmas with our friends and family. But celebrating Christmas also takes a toll on your bank account. Spending money on decorations, gifts and Xmas food & catering can be expensive.
It is very likely for many of us that some extra funds during the holiday season would be Nice. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to get extra Cash for Christmas.

Get Cash by selling your old Gold Jewellery

Your old jewellery like diamond, gold and silver jewellery may have fallen out of trend, you may be bored with them using the same jewellery again and again and want something New and exciting. Well the solution is easy; why not trade your old jewellery in for instant cash?
EzyCash Gold Buyers & Loans may be just what you need, we specialize in buying any type of Gold from Old Broken pieces of Jewellery to 22ct Indian Jewellery, .9999 Chinese Fine Gold Jewellery, Coins, Bars, Nuggets even Old gold teeth, you name it, if it’s Gold then we Buy it.
The whole process is quick and easy, an on the spot No obligation evaluation is carried out with-in minutes on your jewellery and items and a market price for it is provided, if approved then Government photo I.D needs to be provided, change of ownership paperwork is done and then Cash payment is made straight away (or any other form of payment that you may prefer).

Exchanging your old precious jewellery scraps

You may also have old gold scrap, which are often the broken pieces of jewellery and their components. These items are totally useless and cannot be used any further for any purpose. While you may think that the scrap has lost all its value, you can still get a good price for it when you sell it to EzyCash Gold Buyers & Loans Licensed Pawnbrokers. Jewellery can be melted down and recycled & then recreated into New jewellery of different types & shapes.
While you may also sell other items such as your old electronics to get cash, selling your old Gold jewellery can yield a larger amount of cash which will help you with a bigger and brighter Christmas and all you need to do is contact EzyCash Gold Buyers & Loans to get the best value for your old and non-usable jewellery.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year everyone.

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Why it is a great idea to sell your gold jewellery for cash?

Sell Old Gold Jewellery For Cash

Sell Old Gold Jewellery For Cash

Are you considering the thought of selling your gold jewellery for cash? It could be that you have inherited a gold coin collection or you are in possession of a gold watch or a few gold jewellery pieces that you no longer use or need. Instead of keeping that piece of gold jewellery, be it a bracelet, ring, bangle, necklace, or any other jewellery piece, you can get cash for it. Selling your gold jewellery will not only help you declutter your jewellery drawers, but it will also help you raise enough money for something urgent that needs to be paid.

Why is it a good idea to sell your gold jewellery for cash?

You get to Cash in hand without any hassles.

Whether you have been saving so that you can purchase your perfect new item, or you are urgently in need of money to help you meet unexpected expenses, old and unwanted gold jewellery is a great source of fast and easy money. All it takes is searching through your jewellery collection and sampling jewellery pieces that are hopelessly outdated, no longer wearable or broken, and let us give you fast cash for them.

We will walk you through the valuation process, and you will receive the value of your Gold items in cash. Continue reading

Sell old gold jewellery for cash

Sell Broken Gold Jewellery with EzyCash Gold Buyers

Sell Broken Gold Jewellery with EzyCash Gold Buyers

There are many ways to make money. But, there are few ways to get money fast. What if you need some cash in an emergency? What if your friends or family cannot help you with a loan or finance and you need money urgency. Here is the solution for you; you can get cash for gold easily and without any fuss. At this moment, sometimes the only thing to do is to get your old gold jewellery items exchanged with fast cash from the best dealers at the best prices. It is the best and fastest way to get cash from your old fashioned gold jewellery, gold coins or any other gold items.

The gold that is in the form of a jewellery pieces such as necklace, bracelet, ring, or a set of earrings, an old fashioned gold watch may be valuable for you because of its design and the times or person it reminds you of, However, a professional gold buyer who pays cash for gold will buy it for its scrap value and you are paid only according to the weight and purity of the metal.
This is why if you genuinely feel that the jewellery carries sentimental value or is a family heirloom, you should not sell it. The ideal items to sell are the ones that you have hidden away in the corner of your closet or draws because they are useless, broken, stained, or simply something that you are not “emotionally attached” to.

Selling broken and unusable gold jewellery is a fine idea because the cash that it brings can be used for some other, more productive purposes. You can invest the amount in your bank savings account to earn more interest. Alternatively, if your house needs a new appliance or furnishing, the amount (received through gold sale) can be used to purchase, or at least make a part of payment against it.

With increasing competition in the world, there are a lot of companies and dealers that are ready to exchange gold for cash. But, you have to look for the reputed and genuine dealers who can offer best prices for your gold jewellery. You can get a good sum of cash by exchanging your unwanted and unused gold items for a good amount of money. You will never get your Retail value back for your gold jewellery that you are exchanging but a percentage of it as the value will only be for the gold content which has been very high and has stayed high in price since 2008 and the Global financial crisis.

Since then the price of gold has gone up so far that in a lot of cases you are at no loss when you are selling your gold jewellery or when you are exchanging it for cash.

Get Value Out of Your Old Jewellery and Diamonds

Get Value and Sell Gold and Diamond Jewellery for Cash

Get Value and Sell Gold and Diamond Jewellery for Cash

If you’ve even been given a heirloom or piece of jewellery as a gift, you know that they sometimes make their way into the back of a drawer or a box, never to be seen or worn again. While it may be a nice gesture, some pieces just aren’t everyone’s style, and rather than wear something you don’t like, you’ve hidden them out of sight and out of mind. This happens even with jewellery and watches we’ve bought for ourselves—we may like a certain style, colour or type of jewellery at the time of purchase, but it soon becomes something we just can’t bring ourselves to wear.

While it may seem like a loss, especially if they carried an initially steep price tag, it doesn’t have to be that way. Just because you don’t wear the jewellery any more doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold any value. In fact, not only are your old gold jewellery, watches and diamonds in high demand, but you stand to get a little extra cash in return—something you definitely wouldn’t get if they stayed buried in a drawer collecting dust.

Now is a great time to be selling gold, too, and it couldn’t be easier. If you’re waiting around for your jewellery to appreciate, you’ll likely be waiting for quite a while. Much like a car, you’ll never quite get back what you paid. Instead of holding on to jewellery that no longer holds any personal or sentimental value, rest assured that it’s worth more than you may think.

EzyCash Gold Buyers is committed to turning your seemingly useless gold and jewellery into the value you want and deserve. Not only will you make a little extra space, but you’ll receive the best prices around, cash in hand—it’s the best of both worlds.

Don’t wait. Contact the experts at EzyCash Gold Buyers to the discover the hidden value of your old and unwanted jewellery, watches and diamonds today!

Have Extra Gold? Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash Today!

Sell old gold Jewellery for cash

Sell old gold Jewellery for cash

Are you short on money? Looking to turn old things around the house that you can’t use into some liquid cash? Instead of selling all your things in a tag sale or trying to hawk them online, why not save yourself some time and sell gold jewellery for cash?

Thousands of people have small fortunes sitting around and they don’t even know it! If someone hadn’t told them how they can sell their gold jewellery and other similarly precious items for cash, they might never have known about. That’s why we’re here to tell you that if you have some jewellery sitting around that you inherited, bought at a tag sale, or have just had as a result of a gift or inheritance, you could be getting money for them!

Precious metals are a hot commodity and jewellery is never worth the same amount after you buy it that it will be when it’s listed for sale at the full retail price. It’s just like cars– you’ll never be able to sell it for what you got it once you drive it off the lot. However, just like cars, jewellery and gold can always get you some money!

The good news is that if you do have some extra gold lying around, now is a particularly good time to be selling it. Gold exchange rates will get you more for those spare items sitting around than they would if you just held onto them! If you don’t have a use for your jewellery now, you may as well not have it! Why not trade it for some money to help pay the bills, have some fun, or squirrel away for a retirement fund? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Join the many individuals who have traded their gold for cash! The market won’t stay this way forever, and it’s a good time to sell. Check out how you can get cash for your gold jewellery today!

On Christmas Day, I always wear my “heirloom” jewellery.

Antique Heirlooms for Sale at EzyCash Gold Buyers

Antique Heirlooms for Sale at EzyCash Gold Buyers

I have a lovely silver bangle that was given to me by my dad’s parents for my 21st. (That was a long time ago!) I remember opening the box – I was flatting in Mt Vic in Wellington at the time – and my flatmates were all watching. They were as excited as I was! I was so surprised to see such a beautiful piece. It’s very simple and elegant, and they had also had it engraved. It’s one of the few things I own that were given to me by nana and granddad.

My other grandmother gave me a beautiful gold and diamond ring. It was passed down from her grandmother to her, to me – because I am the eldest grand-daughter. It’s come a long way… originally, my grandmother lived on a farm in Holland, until she got married and emigrated to NZ after the war. I will keep the tradition going and pass the ring down to my own grand-daughter if I have one!

My grandparents are all gone now… but wearing the heirloom jewellery they gave me is a very special feeling of family and connection. It’s lovely to know my grandmother used to wear the same ring. I only wear these pieces on special occasions, as I would hate to lose them. They are my favourite things.”

Giving quality heirloom jewellery at Christmas can be an extra special gift.

EzyCash Gold Buyers has a stunning range of desirable and very affordable heirloom jewellery for available right now. You can choose from new and vintage diamond and gemstone rings, gold and silver necklaces, bracelets, luxury watches and other jewellery.

The team at EzyCash Gold Buyers are also high-end vintage and second-hand jewellery appraisers. They buy your unwanted and vintage jewellery, broken jewellery and quality watch brands (including broken watches) for cash, giving you the best price, in cash, instantly.

Remember EzyCash Gold Buyers for your Christmas heirloom jewellery gifts this year.

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