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Here at EZYCASH Gold Buyers not only do we buy Gold and Silver bullion + scrap and broken gold, we also buy luxury Swiss watches like Omega, Brietling, Tag Heuer and especially Rolex watches.

We are actively Buying New & Old model Rolex watches, we are interested in buying any type of genuine Rolex watch, so if your selling then we’re buying.

We can buy any condition Rolex watch, from broken to mint condition, we will buy stainless steel models to 18ct gold models, platinum , diamond bezel models. We will consider any Rolex watch. We will pay Top Price & Cash.

Call us Today,  EZYCASH Gold Buyers to Sell your Rolex Watch for Cash Today.

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We are interested in all of these models:

  • Vintage Rolex Watches
  • Oyster Perpetual Rolex Watches
  • President Rolex Watches
  • Prince Rolex Watches
  • Sea Dweller Rolex Watches
  • Speed King Rolex Watches
  • Submariner Rolex Watches
  • Tudor Rolex Watches
  • Chronograph Rolex Watches
  • Date Model Rolex Watches
  • Date just Rolex Watches
  • Daytona Rolex Watches
  • Explorer Rolex Watches
  • GMT Rolex Watches

The Story of Rolex as a Luxury Watch

Swiss watches are synonymous with quality in the world of luxury watches.

EzyCash Gold Buyers will pay a top cash price for all brands of luxury Swiss watches including Breitling watches, Tag Heuer watches, Omega watches, Tissot watches and IWC watches.

EzyCash Gold Buyers also pay top cash prices for Rolex watches – arguably the most well known of luxury Swiss watch brands.  But how did Rolex watches achieve this popularity?

Rolex was started in 1905 by a German watchmaker and his British business partner.  They called the company Rolex because the word Rolex was easy to spell and pronounce in many languages. Continue reading

The History of Omega Luxury Watches

Omega luxury watches – another Swiss watch brand that will net you a top cash price when you bring it to EzyCash Gold Buyers in Panmure, Auckland.

Omega watches have a long and proud history and is now one of the most well-respected luxury watch brands in the world.

Omega watches was started in 1848 by Louis Brandt who hand-made precision Omega watches in a tiny workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds,Switzerland.  Brandt died in 1879 and left the business to his two sons.  They started to think bigger, taking Omega watches into a larger manufacturing context and gaining control of the whole production process.

From there, Omega watches have gone from strength to strength, becoming unique not only because of the quality of their watches but due to their association with the Olympic Games, the American moon landings and even James Bond.

Omega watches and the Olympic Games

Omega watches have been official timekeepers for the Olympics since theLos Angelesgames in 1932.  Over the last 70 years, Omega watches have pioneered several technological advances in the sporting arena:

Continue reading

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