The Story of Rolex as a Luxury Watch

Swiss watches are synonymous with quality in the world of luxury watches.

EzyCash Gold Buyers will pay a top cash price for all brands of luxury Swiss watches including Breitling watches, Tag Heuer watches, Omega watches, Tissot watches and IWC watches.

EzyCash Gold Buyers also pay top cash prices for Rolex watches – arguably the most well known of luxury Swiss watch brands.  But how did Rolex watches achieve this popularity?

Rolex was started in 1905 by a German watchmaker and his British business partner.  They called the company Rolex because the word Rolex was easy to spell and pronounce in many languages.

From the beginning, Rolex watches had received awards and certificates for accuracy but it was in the 1920s and 30s that Rolex watches started to make their mark.  Here are three significant milestones in the history of Rolex as a luxury watch brand:

  • In 1926, Rolex bought the patent for a new water-proof winding stem and button.  After this, Rolex produced the Rolex ‘Oyster’ – the first watch with a waterproof case.  To help with the marketing campaign, Rolex gave their watch to Mercedes Gleitze, the first woman to swim the English Channel.  She wore this Rolex watch on her second attempt at swimming the Channel in 1927.
  • In 1931, Rolex created the first self-winding, perpetual watch.  This had been a dream for the Rolex watch team for some time.  The new mechanisms that made this watch possible had to be held in a thicker casing so this Rolex watch was nicknamed the Rolex ‘Bubbleback’.
  • In 1937, Rolex produced the first chronograph watch.  The chronograph is a stopwatch with a separate second hand on the watch which can be started, stopped and reset to zero.

Today, Rolex is the largest luxury watch brand in the world, making about 2000 Rolex watches per day.  And Rolex is committed to quality – they even have an institute where 12 students per year are trained in the art of mechanical watch repair.

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