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Here at EZYCASH we specialize in short term cash loans, we can loan or extend you a quick cash loan against your valuable goods like Gold and Diamond jewellery or your luxury prestige watch like Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer.

We understand that life is often full of unforeseeable situations or emergencies; sometimes payday just isn’t at the right time.
We provide an easy solution for those little bumps in life so that you can get on with what really matters.

We can loan as little as $20.00 against an old gold ring right up to $20,000 or more on Gold bullion or Diamond jewellery.

We will loan you cash against the current cash value of your items, we then hold the item(s) at our secure and insured premises , once the loan is paid back in full then your valuable items are then handed back to you all safe and sound.

Here at EZYCASH loans we say “why sell your precious goods in times of need, why not get a cash loan instead”.
We provide a quick and easy professional solution with thousands of people having used us over the years with over 50% of clients using us more than once.

We have a strong connection with a lot of our clients being community minded and supporting a lot of local charities.
We believe in providing a safe and easy way to raise cash when you need it and will go out of our way to ensure customer satisfaction.

So if you need to borrow cash now and would like to know more, just call us (Nick or Joe) on 09 570 1511, remember we are here to help, we will answer any questions you might have and explain in a simple to understand way how to secure your cash loan today.
Ezycash is open 7 days a week and always happy to hear from you, so just pick up the phone and call us now or drop in to see us at 30B Jellicoe Rd Panmure (no appointment necessary).

Example 1 of cash loans

Omega Stainless Steel Seamaster

Loan Price: $2000

Example 2 of cash loans

Omega 18 carat Rose Gold Seamaster

Loan Price: $5000

Example 3 of cash loans

Rolex 18kt gold and stainless datejust

Loan Price: $5000

The History of Omega Luxury Watches

Omega luxury watches – another Swiss watch brand that will net you a top cash price when you bring it to EzyCash Gold Buyers in Panmure, Auckland.

Omega watches have a long and proud history and is now one of the most well-respected luxury watch brands in the world.

Omega watches was started in 1848 by Louis Brandt who hand-made precision Omega watches in a tiny workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds,Switzerland.  Brandt died in 1879 and left the business to his two sons.  They started to think bigger, taking Omega watches into a larger manufacturing context and gaining control of the whole production process.

From there, Omega watches have gone from strength to strength, becoming unique not only because of the quality of their watches but due to their association with the Olympic Games, the American moon landings and even James Bond.

Omega watches and the Olympic Games

Omega watches have been official timekeepers for the Olympics since theLos Angelesgames in 1932.  Over the last 70 years, Omega watches have pioneered several technological advances in the sporting arena:

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