Make Your Fortune by Panning for Gold then Get Cash for Gold From Us!

It’s a great time to be selling gold right now – the price of gold is very high and doesn’t look like dropping.  Get cash for gold at EzyCash Gold Buyers – cash for unwanted gold, broken gold, gold bullion, gold jewellery as well as cash for gold nuggets.  You may have this kind of gold at home or, you could go out and find it yourself……by panning for gold.

Gold in New Zealand was first discovered in the 1830s in the Coromandel but we didn’t get on the gold-mining map until the 1850s and 60s with a big gold discovery in Otago.

Much of the gold was in hard rock but some gold could be found in river gravel.  That’s why so many men flocked to New Zealand at that time to try and make their fortune with gold – all they needed to pan gold was a pick, a shovel and a gold pan.

And, believe it or not, there is still some gold left.  The bulk of the gold has gone (the gold rush in the 1860s and 70s took care of that) but you never know, you could stumble across an untapped piece of river, strike it lucky and get enough cash for your gold to retire.

So, how do you pan for gold?  It takes a little practice, but panning for gold is a fairly simple process. 

This is what you’ll need:

A gold pan (a shallow bowl with sloping sides that’s about 30cm across)

A river

 How to pan for gold

  • You want a river that’s at least 25cm deep and where the water runs fast enough to wash debris from the gold pan.
  • Put enough gravel in your gold pan so it’s about ¾ full and put the gold pan just under the water.

Shake the gold pan a little from side-to-side to bring the larger rocks to the surface and take them out.

Then, start making some circular movements with the gold pan.  The gravel will lift from the base of the gold pan and be washed away by the river.  The theory is that gold is heavier than the rock and the gold will move towards the bottom of the gold pan.

Once your gold pan has only fine gravel and lighter sand, tip the gold pan slightly away from you to wash this debris away.  When there is only a few handfuls left, take the gold pan out of the river with about 2cm of water still in it and keep washing until you’ve got rid of all the debris.  Hopefully, the only thing that’s left will be gold!

Where to pan for gold:

The best place to pan gold is the west of the South Island, between Queenstown andDunedin, but there are plenty of good gold-panning sites aroundNew Zealand.

A good place to find gold panning sites is:

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