Sell Gold and Say Goodbye to Debt

Overindulged at Christmas and New Year?

It’s easy to do and very enjoyable.  But what’s not so enjoyable is finding yourself in a bit of strife with your credit card.

You’ve spent more than you thought and need to clear some debt.

There’s no need to get a high-interest loan if you have gold at home because EzyCash Gold Buyers will buy gold from you for a top cash price to help get you out of debt.

It could be scrap gold, or broken gold, or gold from jewellery that you no longer wear.  Even a gold engagement ring from a former relationship.  Sell gold to EzyCash Gold Buyers.

Have a hunt around home – you may have gold jewellery and not know it.

How to identify gold to sell

Look for a carat stamp on the gold jewellery

If a piece of jewellery has a stamp on it that says ‘9ct’ or ‘375’ this means that the piece is 9 carat gold or 37.5 % part gold and the rest is made up of different types of alloys and metals to harden or colour the gold jewellery.

The weight of gold is measured in carats with 24 carat gold being the purest gold possible.  The number of carats corresponds to the percentage of actual gold in the gold jewellery.  So, if a piece of gold jewellery is made up of 41.7% gold, 41.7% of 24 is 10 which means the gold jewellery has 10 carats.

Carat Hallmarks or Stamps:

8 carat:            8ct or 333

9 carat:            9ct or 375

10 carat:          10ct or 417

14 carat:          14ct or 585

18 carat:          15ct or 750

22 carat:          22ct or kt 916

.9999 (fine gold or pure gold) is called 4 9’s fine gold which is usually, but not solely, restricted to Gold coins or Gold bullion.

Look for gold plating

Use a magnifying glass to look at your piece of gold jewellery.  If the gold has started rubbing off in places to reveal a silver colour underneath, it is not gold jewellery.  It is only gold plated.

Expose the gold to nitric acid

Get scientific and buy a nitric acid test for your gold jewellery.  Using nitric acid on real gold will have no effect on the gold while fake gold will darken.

Look at the colour of the gold jewellery

Gold jewellery’s appearance is more satin and lighter while fake gold looks yellow and shiny.

If you’re still unsure, simply bring your unwanted, broken or scrap gold to EzyCash Gold Buyers.  Come into EzyCash Gold Buyers shop in Panmure,Aucklandand receive an expert valuation from our team who will give you a top cash price.

EzyCash Gold Buyers also buys luxury Swiss watches, they buy silver and they buy diamonds.

Have a happy new year clear of debt thanks to EzyCash Gold Buyers.

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