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That’s what you’ll get every time when you bring your broken gold, scrap gold and unwanted gold jewellery into the Panmure store of EzyCash Gold Buyers.

They’ll value your gold jewellery and offer you a top cash price for your gold jewellery.  Valuations of gold jewellery from EzyCash are based on the true second-hand value of the gold jewellery and the market value of the gold jewellery.

In this blog we’ll be looking at gold jewellery valuations and how your insurance valuation could be misleading. 

 Two types of gold jewellery valuations

If you’ve had your gold jewellery valued for insurance purposes, the type of policy you have will determine the valuation that you receive for your gold jewellery.

Your gold jewellery will be valued at ‘Replacement Value’ or ‘Indemnity Value’.  Replacement Value is the cost to buy a new item of gold jewellery of similar quality in the retail market.  But this valuation does not take into account the changes in the marketplace and changes in the value of gold.

Indemnity Value is the cost to buy gold jewellery of the same age and condition in a “fair market” situation.  The problem with this valuation is that if few sales of your type of gold jewellery have occurred, the valuation of the gold jewellery could be calculated as Replacement Value, less depreciation.  And again, this does not recognise changes in the gold jewellery market.

Know the true value of your gold based on the current market when you come into EzyCash Gold Buyers with your broken gold, scrap gold and unwanted gold jewellery.

The team at EzyCash are experts when it comes to gold market trends and the value of gold and will offer you a top cash price based on these factors.

Bring your gold into EzyCash for your expert valuation today.


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