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Diamond Prices Breaking Records

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Do you like a bit of bling with your jewellery? How about $30million worth?! That’s how much a flawless 118-carat diamond recently sold for at auction with Sotheby’s. The egg-sized diamond was discovered in 2011 in a mine in South Africa and was originally a whopping 299 carats before it was cut.

This price, supposedly at the low-end of its estimated price, beats a previous auction-price record for a white diamond of $26 million just six months earlier. However this record-breaking gem may not hold its top spot for long, with Sotheby’s putting a 60-carat pink diamond on the block in November this year, which is expected to fetch more than $60 million at auction.

While this giant stone may have been an exceptional record-breaker, smaller collectible diamonds are also currently achieving big prices as markets see large jewels as portable stores of wealth.

So if you’ve got diamonds sitting around at home, they really might just be your new best friend as they may be worth much more than you realise. However diamond prices and vary widely, depending on size, colour and quality, so it’s best to only have your diamonds valued by a reputable dealer.

Bring your diamonds, both loose and jewellery-mounted, into EzyCash Gold Buyers for a valuation and we’ll make you an offer. Our valuers are experienced, and only offer fair and reasonable valuations based on real market prices.

Yellow Diamond Fetches Record Price at Diamond Auction

It’s yellow, pear-shaped, originates from South Africa, weighs 110.3 carats and was just bought at auction for a cool US$10.2 million.

It’s called the Sun-Drop Diamond and was the headline act at the recent Sotheby’s diamond and gem auction in Switzerland.  The successful bidder, who participated by phone, ended up paying over US$12 million for the diamond including commission.  That’s a new record price for a yellow diamond at auction.

The diamond, discovered last year in South Africa, was rated by gemologists as a fancy, vivid yellow – the highest grade possible on the diamond colour scale.  Yellow diamonds are created when nitrogen impurities trapped within carbon molecules harden over millions of years. Continue reading

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