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Well we have seen some very interesting movement in the price of both Gold & Silver in the last two months, both prices surging forward and now dropping in spot price making selling a very real option for a lot of people.

One question I get asked just about every other day by clients and customers being a precious metals dealer is “what’s happening with the gold price” and “will silver continue to drop or will it continue to climb”.

This is certainly one question I couldn’t hazard a guess to, but I am quite often reminded of one of my old business associates philosophies, he would say to me on quite a regular basis “ what goes up must come down” and if history has taught us anything this is absolutely true, another thing he used to say is “never be ashamed of taking a profit”.

This is one thing I will quite often tell my clients when selling precious metals or bullion (gold, silver, palladium and platinum) is always take a profit, if you can sell today for a profit then do it, everyday you make a profit is another day you’re not making  a loss.

This theory can be applied to the selling of Silver scrap and silver bullion. With the latest highs in silver prices, people are cashing in their old silver scrap jewellery, broken silver jewellery, old sterling silver service ware.

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Highest Gold Price Ever!

Well once again we have seen a huge increase in the price of gold, as investors overseas run scared from the stock market the gold price has not only passed but smashed through the $1700.00 US an ounce mark going to an all time high. And once again the US and Euro zone debt crisis is fueling peoples fears of a second dip world wide recession.As gold fluctuates between $1770 and $1730 we have seen people scrambling for the cover and security in what is considered by all as the safe haven of Gold.

What we have seen here in New Zealand has shadowed the international markets but also we have  seen the NZ dollarweakening against the greenback losing almost 8 cents in a week, so what does this all mean.

What this does mean is that there has never been a better time to sell your old gold, broken gold, gold scrap.
The gold price surges higher and the NZ dollar lowers we are seeing a great price for Gold.
We have seen many people lately selling their old gold scrap and reaping the rewards of an all time high gold price.
We have seen allsorts of gold coming out of the woodwork lately and we are happy to pass on the high gold prices to our clients.
We can offer one of the best prices around for your old gold jewellery, scrap gold, broken gold, we will buy any type of gold.If its gold then we will buy it and we will pay the best price for it and we will pay you cash on the spot.

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