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We Buy Gold Chains

Selling your unwanted gold chain(s) or broken gold chain can be very profitable at the moment. With Gold prices hitting new highs this week, selling your gold has never been easier or more worth while, we have had many clients in selling their old gold chains or broken gold to us and they have been amazed at how much cash it is worth at the moment.

Here at Ezy Gold buyers we will buy any Gold Chain (broken or wearable).We will buy White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, we will buy any carat gold chain from 8 carat 9 carat, 10 carat. 14 carat, 18 carat right up to indian 22 carat. Thai 23 carat and even 24 carat or fine gold (.9999) chain.

We are always interested in any type of gold, we will buy any old broken gold, broken chain, pieces of chain, old broken rings, out of shape rings, anything solid gold we will pay Top Price and cash.

We are so interested in buying your Gold or Diamond jewellery, we can even make a house call, if you live in Auckland, you can call us direct on 09 570 1511 and we can make an appointment for an in house call to assess your gold items, we will weigh and inspect your gold and then calculate the best price on the day to buy your gold from you with a no obligation commitment.

So if your interested in selling your gold items or just curious about what they are worth give us a call on 09 5701511, we are very friendly and wish you to enjoy our professional service.
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Understanding Jewellery Valuations

When either buying or selling pieces of jewellery it is always important to have a valuation by a qualified valuer, but not all valuation are equal and not all valuations express the true value of your items.

So What is the True Value of my Jewellery?

When looking at most insurance valuations you will notice two listed insurance values.

  • Replacement New Value
  • Indemnity Value

One is the Replacement New Value which is the amount necessary for you to purchase a brand new item of equivalent quality.

The other is the Indemnity Value – more recently referred to by insurance companies as “market value”, “present day value” and “current value” – this is the amount necessary to purchase an item of similar quality age and condition – (the second-hand retail value)

A Valuation for Insurance Replacement won’t give you the true market value. In fact Insurance Valuations can be very misleading. Instead, to get a true unbiased opinion you need A Retail Market Valuation.

Quality and Value Guarantee.

All pieces of Jewellery or fine swiss watches sold by Ezycash Gold buyers is supplied with an up to date

GemLab Retail Market Valuation.

These Retail or secondhand market valuations reflect  more decisively the true second hand value of the item taking into consideration the age, the condition and current market trends.

All Diamond and Jewellery pieces have been professionally polished and cleaned before valuations.

All pre-loved watches have been serviced and authenticated by a master watch maker.

All valuations are carried out by GemLab;Auckland’s leading valuers giving an unbiased true market value, GemLab have no interest in either buying or selling jewellery and give a completely genuine unbiased valuation process.

As well as having current market valuation Ezycash Gold Buyers also offer up to 25% percent off all swiss luxury watches and up to 40% percent off all Diamond and Jewellery pieces.

All items can be viewed in store without appointment and we are always very happy to see you.

If you have any questions please call either Nick or Joe on 09 570 1511

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