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I have a real Rolex watch, so why would I use this Apple thing?

Sell or Buy Rolex WatchesNew Apple Watches send messages, play music, have health monitoring functions and can make payments. Swatch Group’s new line of watches, to be released next year, will include fitness-related features, as well as additional functionality that would use Bluetooth technology.

But smart watches are not expected to overtake the luxury watch market any time soon. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek acknowledges that “technology alone doesn’t sell, not in watches.” Luxury watches are widely respected and easily recognized by people who appreciate details and luxuryLuxury watches also hold their value over time, because they are composed of valuable substances like gold, precious metals and jewels. Another factor in a luxury watch’s long-term investment value is its prestigious brand name.  Luxury watches like those by Rolex, Tag Heuer and Omega – new and antique – are always in demand. Perhaps you have been given or inherited a luxury watch that is just not your style?  Right now is a good time to have your luxury watch valued by EzyCash Gold Buyers.

Sell or Buy Rolex WatchesThe team at EzyCash Gold Buyers are knowledgeable high-end vintage and second-hand luxury watch appraisers, so you can be sure that you’ll receive a fair appraisal and the best price for your unwanted luxury watches.

Broken luxury watches can also be valuable.  You might not want to repair a luxury watch you don’t love or want to wear  – instead, see EzyCash Gold Buyers.  EzyCash buys your broken and dated luxury watches, gold and precious metal jewellery for cash, giving you the best price, in cash, instantly.

EzyCash’s luxury watch buying service is straightforward, discreet and fast.  To sell your luxury watches in any condition – from antique to broken to brand new – call EzyCash gold buyers today!

Sell Luxury Watches for Cash

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EzyCash Gold Buyers don’t just buy gold – we’re also always interested in buying luxury watches, and offer excellent cash prices for your old or new unwanted watch.

Luxury watches are a great investment as you can often sell them for an excellent cash price – perhaps you have an unwanted gift, you’ve inherited a timepiece, or you simply want the cash in order to upgrade to a newer luxury watch model!

We have many years experience in providing valuations for prestige watch brands. We consider all luxury and high quality brands, in particular Swiss watches, and some of the most popular that we deal with include: Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Brietling, Patek Phillippe, Tissot, Chopard, among others. Watches from these well-respected brands hold their quality and have timeless style and class, so no matter how old your watch is, it could very well still receive an excellent cash price offer.

The team at EzyCash Gold Buyers are knowledgeable high-end second-hand watch buyers, so you can be sure that you’ll receive a fair appraisal and the best price for your old watch. Our watch buying service is straightforward, discreet and quick. We consider watches in any condition – from broken to brand new, and if it’s easier, we can even come to you with our mobile gold buying service.

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