Gold mining in Alaska

Gold Prospecting On The Rise In Alaska

As reported yesterday by the New Zealand Herald, the rising price of gold has increased interest in gold mining in Alaska.

A gold rush (like Alaska saw a century ago) is unlikely as most people would be put off by the amount of work, time and money needed to produce significant amounts of gold.  People can spend hours gold prospecting (which is back-breaking labour) with only a few gold flakes to show for it.

That said, there are some hardy gold miners for who a tiny bit of gold is more than enough to keep going.  Bill Dunleavy has been gold prospecting in Alaska for 46 years and found this enormous, 5 ounce gold nugget in the early 1990s.

Soon after he found the gold nugget someone offered to buy it for $20,000, but he refused.  Who knows how much the gold nugget would fetch nowadays?

In the past 20 years, 180 million ounces of gold has been discovered in Alaska with a possibility of more gold.  Recently the number of gold claims being bought is up, the number of smaller gold mining operations has increased and two major gold mining projects are underway in southwest Alaska.

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