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EzyCash Gold Buyers buys scrap gold, broken gold and unwanted gold for a top cash price.  Bring your gold into EzyCash Gold Buyers in Panmure, Auckland for an expert valuation on your gold.

EzyCash Gold Buyers specialise in buying 22 carat gold.  22 carat gold has special significance in India– the world’s biggest consumer of gold.

The carat weight of a piece of gold refers to how much pure gold is present in the gold.  A piece of gold that is 99.9% pure gold is referred to as 24 carat gold.

In India, 22 carat gold is seen as the most pure form of gold available.   This was first acknowledged in the late 1980s and refers to the fact that pure gold loses some of its purity after melting, leaving it at 91.67% pure gold, or 22 carats.

India has a long standing relationship with gold.  In Western countries it’s often a dream to own your own home, but in Indian culture it’s a dream to own gold. Continue reading

The price of gold and the Eurozone crisis

Things can’t be good for the New Zealand economy at the moment – in the recent ‘Zero Budget’ the government

announced they are going to start taxing children in an effort to gain more revenue ($14 million, to be exact).

If you yourself need to generate more revenue, selling your gold to EzyCash Gold Buyers is a great start.  EzyCash Gold Buyers in Panmure, Auckland buys unwanted gold, scrap gold, gold coins, gold bullion – any type of gold.  Just bring the gold into their store in Panmure,Aucklandfor a valuation of your gold and a top cash price for your gold.

We are going through tough times at the moment, but we have to remember that it could be worse – we could be in the Eurozone. Continue reading

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