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The history of gold traders, gold buyers and pawn brokers

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Selling gold through the ages

In some circles, pawnbrokers and gold traders are seen in a negative light.  But gold traders and pawnbrokers have been around for thousands of years, their services have historically been used by European monarchies and even Franciscan monks in order to aid the poor.


The New World (what we now know asAmerica) may not have been discovered had it not been for the practice of pawn broking and gold trading.  Christopher Columbus, looking for royal backing for his proposed voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in search of the New World, was turned down twice by the Portugese monarchy.

So he focused his attention on Spain.

He was granted an audience with Queen Isabella but, on the advice of her confessor, she turned him down also.  Fortunately Isabella’s husband Ferdinand intervened and convinced the Queen to grant his request.

Spain was financially crippled from a war against Muslims in the south of the country, so it meant that Isabella was forced to borrow against the value of her crown jewels in order to finance Columbus’ voyage.  His discoveries started a golden age of discovery and power for the Spanish empire – thanks in no small part to the industry of pawnbroking and gold trading that freed up the capital needed.

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