Sell Old Silver Coins

EzyCash Gold Buyers is always looking for old silver coins as they contain a high amount of pure silver. Specifically, we’re looking for British silver coins and New Zealand silver coins from before the end of the Second World War and Australian silver coins and US silver coins from before the mid 1960s.

We will also take a look at silver coins from other countries.

Maybe you’ve stumbled across some old silver coins but you’re not sure about what kind of silver coin they might be. Here’s a tip about identifying silver coins from home before bringing them in to EzyCash Gold Buyers’ Panmure store.

A good place to start is a website set up by a man named James Bucki who obviously has a real love for silver coins and has an enormous silver coin collection. The site is called ‘Coins on About’.

There are about 25,000 photos of coins from more than 400 countries on the site that James Bucki has slavishly scanned and catalogued. You just enter what country your silver coin is from in the menu box to view all the listings and photos. If you find your silver coin you can just click on the image to get more information about it and a potential value.

Then bring the silver coin us at EzyCash Gold Buyers in Panmure, Auckland. We buy old silver coins, silver bullion, silver jewellery, silver ingots as well as gold, diamonds and luxury watches. And we pay a top cash price.

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