Gold Coins in the Sea and Gold Coins in the Roof

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In a previous blog, we recommended combing the ocean depths for gold in sunken ships.

We even referenced the case of an American salvage firm going up against the Spanish government over the ownership of

gold found amongst a shipwreck off the Portugese coast.  Since writing that blog, the Spanish have won the argument and 17 tonnes of gold and silver (including 594,000 gold coins) recently arrived in Madrid aboard two military planes.

Will it be enough gold to solve the Spanish debt crisis?

Perhaps not, but it’s a substantial gold windfall nonetheless.

As for encouraging you to search bodies of water for gold (among shipwrecks in oceans and panning for gold in rivers), we at EzyCash Gold Buyers have a new suggestion:

Try looking in your attic.

In a completely bizarre twist to a building renovation, a group of workers have had gold coins literally rain down on them while labouring for a champagne producer in France.  One of the workers was attacking the ceiling with a crowbar when gold coins started pouring out, followed by sacks of gold.

The gold coins, minted between 1851 and 1928, have a face value of around 15 euros each.

Experts estimate that all the gold coins are now worth around 750,000 euros.

The owner of the company, Francois Lange, said that he would keep half of the profits himself and the other half would be shared amongst the workers that discovered the gold coins.

Just as the case of the sunken Spanish ship had many twists and turns, this doesn’t look to be cut and dried either.  The building was previously owned by another winemaker in the 1930s and what are the odds that over $1 million of gold coins will go unclaimed?

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